AVP-USA National Gathering 

Pace University in Pleasantville, NY 
Memorial Day Weekend, May 22 to 25, 2020

   About the Gathering

  •   Engage in conversation about criminal justice
      system reform with two outstanding keynote                speakers, Khalil Cumberbatch, the
      Strategist at New Yorkers United for Justice
       and Scott Semple, the retired Commissioner of
       Corrections for Connecticut.
  •   Observe a segment of the Ritual for Return, a rite
      of passage ceremony for those returning from 
      prison, and hear how the experience has
       changed lives.
  •   Go deeper in a 3-hour Monday Mini-workshop: Aiki
      AVP - Embodied Peacemaking,
      AVP Workshops, Manly Awareness or others.
  • IShare ideas at the World Café and learn about
    ways to participate in AVP-USA’s work.
  • IChoose from more than 25 breakout sessions
      bringing new ideas and exercises to AVP 
      consider being on the facilitation team for one
      of them.
  • INetwork with AVP facilitators from around the
      country and around the world.
  • IGuide the future of AVP with committee meetings at
      the Friday open board retreat and the AVP-USA
      annual business meeting.
  • IParticipate in off-campus post-conference activities
      on Tuesday, May 26. 
  • IMeet old friends and make new ones.
      For a complete schedule for the conference go to
   the Program Page 


2020 Vision for the Future
  •    We have a vision of accompanying returning
       citizens on their re-entry to the free world.

  •    We have a vision of reducing violence in our society,
       in our communities, in our schools and in our prisons.
  • We have a vision of creating a more inclusive and diverse organization.

  • We have a vision of finding the financial resources that will be needed to support the growing and expanding AVP program.

  • We have a vision of finding new facilitators who will help to expand and grow the AVP program throughout the country.

  • We have a vision of new exercises, new workshops and new technology for the future.

  • We have a vision of new programs to reach new groups including veterans, schools, immigrants, gangs and other diverse groups.

  •  We have a vision of reforming the criminal justice   system.

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