AVP-USA Committees
 This is where a great deal of work happens in  AVP/USA.   These committees could all use more participation, consider contacting one of the clerks and offer a hand!

The conference will be your opportunity to bring ideas and concerns to the AVP-USA Committees. This is a chance to get involved in leading AVP in the 21st Century.

Committee of Local and Regional Groups ( CLARG) provides a direct link for communication and service among our regions and between the national officers and locals. CLARG compiles data for a comprehensive annual report, disseminates funds for seed grants and establishes new grants to strengthen and improve existing programs.  Co-Chair: Mital Lyons-Warren & Josh Simmons.

The Communications Committee maintains our website, and publishes the Transformer, our newsletter for facilitators. The Transformer is a forum for new ideas and information about what is going on in AVP. The committee is seeking articles about the activities of AVP groups throughout the country. The committee also maintains our distribution center for manuals, books, and other materials, and coordinates the AVP-L.  Chair: Rick Krouskop 

The Conference Committee supports the local groups who sponsor the AVP/USA Annual Gathering.  The Committee completed a survey of over 300 AVP facilitators to review what is important to AVP. The 2011 conference will be held in California. If you would like to work on planning the AVP conference for 2012 Click here for more information) and beyond, please join this group. Chair: Archer Bunner

The Education Committee is responsible for maintaining our manuals and other educational materials. The Education Committee is working on a revision of the Training for Facilitator’s manual. The committee looks forward to developing manuals on new workshops such as Bias Awareness, Parenting, Anger Management, Racism and Manly Awareness. Bring new exercises and ideas to this committee. Co-Chairs: Katherine Smith & Betty McEady

The Finance Committee guides us in maintaining our financial health. The committee is working on a fundraising kit for local groups to use. Finance also works with CLARG in the awarding of seed grants.   The committee is seeking people that would like to see AVP-USA grow and who have fundraising ideas and skills. Chair: Chad Dell  

The Research Committee helps to pull together research based on the good work facilitators are doing in various sectors of AVP. The hope for the committee now is to work for AVP workshops to be considered "evidence-based." This is an on-going process. Research Committee is seeking new members to enliven their goals! Co-Chairs: John Michaelis and Chaundra Whitehead

The Youth Committee helps ensure that AVP/USA maintains a focus on programming specifically for youth. The Youth Committee concluded a year-long evaluation of the relationship between AVP and HIPP (Help Increase the Peace) and made recommendations concerning the AVP youth program and it’s future focus. Chair: Seeking a Chair from AVP-USA

The Re-entry Committee focuses on transitional services for individuals who have been released from prison. This includes support groups such as Landing Strip and halfway houses such as The Redemption Center. If you are interested in providing re-entry programs in your area, this committee is for you. Chair: Seeking a Chair from AVP-USA

The Nominating Committee is responsible for nominating the officers of AVP-USA. The committee is looking for two additional members who are familiar with the AVP leaders in their region and around the country. Chair: Mahal Burr