Saturday, May 23

1:00 - 3:00 PM (EDT)

Gathering and Building Community

This is the beginning of every AVP workshop, and why would the first online National Gathering be any different? Join us to reconnect with old AVP friends and meet new ones. Learn how Concentric Circles (or some variation thereof) and Light and Livelies can be done online. Learn a few skills on ZOOM, making it easier to participate in subsequent sessions. 

5:00 - 7:00 PM (EDT)                

World Cafe

  • Sharing Ideas for the New Manual Writing Process
  • Keeping Facilitators Engaged
  • AVP Educational Resources
  • AVP Workshop, Levels of Complexity
  • Presenting AVP Online
  • AVP Innovations
  • Follow the Money
  • Networking with Facilitators: Expanded Options during COVID-19
  • Peace Fellowship Program
Please see the detailed descriptions of the World Cafe tables below. When you register, you will have the opportunity to choose THREE of these tables to "rotate to" during the virtual World Cafe. 

Sunday, May 24

1:00 – 3:00 PM (EDT)     

Annual Business Meeting

This year's Annual Business Meeting will start with a Memorial to AVP facilitators who have passed. We will then hear from various members of the AVP Board on the upcoming Budget, AVP Board Nominated Slate, and announcements from the AVP-USA Board. Please join your fellow facilitators for these important matters. We will have the official closing of the Virtual Annual AVP Gathering at the end of the Business Meeting. 

5:00 - 7:00 PM (EDT) 

Breakout Session

  • Breakout 1: Elements of a Trauma-Informed Basic Workshop
  • Breakout 2: Embodied Transforming Power
  • Breakout 3: AVP and Gangs
  • Breakout 4: AVP after COVID-19
  • Breakout 5: Spiritual Journey 2020: finding meaning in a time of crisis
  • Breakout 6: AVPing Your Passion -- Online!

Join us for a traditional Breakout Session. You can join the breakout of your choice on Sunday afternoon. You will receive specific Zoom links to participate once you have registered. Please see detailed breakout descriptions below.