Extended Breakouts

Go deeper on Monday!
(You can extend your lodging)
Monday Morning Breakouts

On Monday morning we have scheduled special three hour breakout sessions from 9am to Noon. 
If you have an idea for an extended  breakout session please submit a proposal by going to:

 Currently, topics include:

Introducing the Manly Awareness Workshop

The workshop will be introduced by a powerful film, “The Mask You Live In” that explores how American masculinity is harming our boys, our men and their relationships.

The workshop helps build healthy relationships by exploring male role models as a child, the difficult seven steps of adolescent development and the manly path of life as an adult. 

It focuses on the goals of Social Responsibility, Spiritual Growth and Emotional Maturity. Women are also invited. A workshop manual is available. 
Facilitated by Fred Feucht

Aiki AVP Breakout Session
Would you like to be more effective in resolving conflict? Perceptions influence body movements and body movements influence perceptions. In Aiki AVP, we understand emotions as actions in the body. In debriefing, we change “what did you feel?” to “what did you do in your body?”

Through a series of somatic exercises, we deepen understanding of the role of the body in conflict and conflict transformation.  
Facilitated by Anne Wallace-DiGarbo, Chris Campbell, Bill Leicht and Kevin King. Limit 20 participants.

Trauma-Informed AVP Workshops
Trauma resiliency concepts and tools can inform and support our AVP workshops, including expectations of facilitators, basic definition and elements of trauma, and a few critical activities. The agenda includes significant elements of key AVP activities plus a few suggested additions to the basic workshop. 
Facilitated by Nadine Hoover and Kins Aparece.   

Monday Afternoon Board Visioning

From 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM 
In this session, participants will have the opportunity to work with the AVP-USA Committees to discuss Strategic Plan goals for AVP-USA. Participants will have a chance to reflect on learnings from the AVP-USA conference and how they can help to envigorate AVP into the next year and beyond! Individuals will have the opportunity to express ideas, concerns and reservations about each of the goals for AVP-USA moving forward.