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  1. Registration is required, but takes just a couple of minutes.
  2. With the expanded virtual Gathering for this year we are incurring costs, which are about $25/person. We will be asking you for a donation toward these costs during registration.  
  3. There are no Scholarships this year, so if you can afford more than $25, any excess you pay will help compensate us for those who can not afford to pay $25.  Thanks.
Join fellow AVPers to explore the various features associated with our Gathering Platforms. This year's Gathering primarily uses Zoom, but includes social time in a new platform (QIQOchat) that will be unfamiliar to you.  These trainings are designed to help you feel comfortable and confident during the AVP Virtual National Gathering.
  • Monday, May 17 (5 - 7 pm EDT)
  • Saturday, May 22 (3 - 5 pm EDT)
  • Monday, May 24 (7 - 9 pm EDT)
  • Wednesday, May 26 (1 - 3 pm EDT)
You will receive Zoom and QIQO links to the Trainings after you register.

A quick intro to basic skills you will need (starting a Zoom session, resizing and moving windows) can be seen in this 3-minute video: Basics Video



  1. The "always on" Social Time (AVP Gardens) is primarily on a website, so you will need access to a browser to participate.
  2. Computers and laptops connected to the Internet work best due to their larger screen.
  3. I-pads/tablets work fine, but the controls are a bit different.
  4. Smart cell phones work fairly well too, but the small screen size might limit you.
  5. If you must use a computer without a microphone or speaker, you can listen and talk using a regular phone at the same time.

VIDEO (Zoom) 

  1. Both the Main Gathering and the AVP Gardens Platforms use Zoom for video/audio functions. Many of you will have already participated in a Zoom conference and know the basics.
  2. If you've never been on Zoom before, you will need to download and install the needed Zoom App before you join the Gathering. Installing the App takes a few minutes.
  3. Install the Zoom App ahead of time (or just test your Zoom connection) here: