Criminal Justice Reform 2020:  Two Visions

Scott Semple recently retired as the Commissioner of Corrections for the State of Connecticut. As the commissioner he worked to change the prison system in Connecticut. 

To learn about the way prisoners are treated in other countries he traveled to Germany with the governor of Connecticut and other prison officials. He found a system focused more on rehabilitation than punishment. They were astonished by the trip.

After Germany, Scott Semple began working with the Vera Institute of Justice to open a pilot program dedicated to creating a better prison environment for emerging adults. 

He created the TRUE unit, an acronym for Truthfulness, Respectfulness, Understanding and Elevating in Cheshire Prison. He also worked to change the parole system and improve pre-release skills.


Khalil Cumberbatch  serves as Chief Strategist at New Yorkers United for Justice. He previously served as Associate Vice President of Policy at the Fortune Society, a reentry organization whose goal is to build people and not prisons; as well as Manager of Trainings at JustLeadershipUSA, a national non-profit dedicated to cutting the US correctional population in half by year 2030. He is also a lecturer at Columbia University School of Social Work.

In December 2014, after being held for five months in immigration detention, Khalil Cumberbatch was one of two recipients to receive an Executive Pardon from NYS Governor Andrew Cuomo to prevent his deportation from the United States. He served as the inside coordinator for AVP program at Green Haven Prison for years.  khalilcumberbatch.com/about

New Yorkers United for Justice  https://www.governor.ny.gov/news/governor-cuomo-grants-pardons).